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Ticket Validation

The journey starts here. Ensure that only customers with a valid ticket can enjoy the experience.

Be present and sell anywhere

Easily manages high volumes of tickets, types, vouchers, and users.

Eliminates fraud and touting

Identify customers through wristbands/card ID (if needed) and check fake or duplicate tickets (online or printed).

Reduce operating costs

Improve your event security, reduce queues and staff needed.

Be aware of the audience

Get real-time updates of ticket sales at the entrance (with an integrated ticket provider) and statistics, analyses and reports.

Access Control

Embrace the power of technology.
Ensure the best management flow.

Increase security and agility

Manage visitor entrances and exits on a large scale with different user profiles and access types through RFID tag permissions. Get real-time occupancy information.

Reduce management risks

Manage multiple entries via connected devices, increase security and reduce staff errors. No need to manage printed tickets.

Accreditation Management

A smart way to welcome.
Manage staff members, guests and artistes.

Manage accreditation effortlessly

Set different profiles and allocate team leaders. Entrance vouchers will be generated automatically and e-mailed to the person involved.

More data and control

Collect check-in/check-out data for time tracking and have checkpoints for monitoring staff location.

Increase operational efficiency

On arrival at the event, a personalised wristband can be printed for access control purposes. Get access to real-time reporting.

Cashless Payments

An easier and safer way to experience payments.

Increase your revenue up to 40%.

Reduce your business costs

Once every transaction is virtual, money transportation, counting and security/staff costs can be reduced.

Reinforce your business security

All transactions are encrypted and managed by a reliable system. When you remove cash from the equation, you can avoid risks causes by human error and payment fraud.

Get more data insights

Get accurate reports and information in real time. Get insights and business intelligence to improve your event.

Provide the best customer experience

The system is simple and makes the purchase process faster, giving your customers more time for fun. If necessary, refunds can be made onsite or online, just by filling in an easy form.

Count on our support

Don’t worry. You will also have our full support before and during your event

Business Intelligence

The future is MOW - Measure all your steps to predict the next great move.

Analyse the trends

Structured data enabled you to answer relevant questions and evaluate outcomes.

Collect information and make sales decisions

Find out which bars, suppliers and products had the best performance. Analyse the user consumption profile and define the best sales strategy.

Increase sponsorship value

Get useful engagement data to improve your sponsorship.

Online Receipt Plataform

Less is more.
Send receipts by e-mail

Meet taxation requirements

Integrated with a reliable receipt platform certified by the Portuguese Tax Authority you can accommodate all legal requirements. A SAFT document could be issued per vendor if needed.

Get the flexibility that you need

Receipts can be issued with different vendors' legal information, per item or customer. We can also schedule when you want to issue the receipt.

Be Eco-friendly

Avoid printing the receipts - send them by e-mail.

Save time and resources

Because the receipt isn’t printed out, the transaction is faster, which means shorter queues and more revenue. With the online system, printers or any other POS are no longer needed, reducing maintenance costs.

Mobile APP

We’re connected – Get your event native App published in Apple and Play Store based on this pre-built application

Integrated Services